Path is the bomb-diggedy.

a lot of my friends are always telling me that i am a bit of a geek… in truth i am really just an early adopter of new technology + i really dig the internet + i love online community & networks… In light of that some people ask me about what tech they should use, what platforms are the best, or even what apps are worth investing time and energy in…. 


Path is a little app that came out about 11 months ago, it was originally an interesting idea, but just a few weeks ago they overhauled it and now it is truly a MUST HAVE app. i personally am someone who happily lives in Apple’s world, so i have it on my new iPhone, but all you Android users; don’t worry it is available for you too.

Anyway why Path? a few simple reasons:

1} the user interface {at least on the iPhone} is beautiful. it is a pleasure to use such a wonderfully designed app.

2} simple to keep a diary or “timeline” that you can go back and enjoy anytime…

3} a dead easy way to push your “content” to the platforms that actually matter: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook & FourSquare {note no Google +… yet}

4} really easy privacy settings.

5} its free.

So there you go. My recommendation to you this holiday season is to download this gorgeous app, and start playing. it’s a great way to leave your path digitally so you can share and enjoy it anywhere, anytime. i really hope they do very well.

Path is the bomb-diggedy.

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